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December 20, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Personal Development

If you are going to have success in your career at any level, you are going to have to engage in an ongoing process called personal development.  Cultivating spirituality as we discussed in the last blog primarily has to do with the inner person.  Personal development has to do with the external environment. In both cases it is something that is vital to our overall success. As a result sometimes the lines between spirituality and personal development can be blurred.

However it is safe to say the personal development has to do with your relationship with the external environment, and in this discussion it has to do with your career and your general knowledge that raises your awareness of the world around you.

The first area I think of is career.  If you are going to have lots of money, or even sustainable financial growth you have to have developed a set of skills that are a function of your innate talent that you would market either in the corporate world or in the marketplace.  Many of us do this through going to school and networking our ways into a corporate position.  Others go to tech school; others do a hybrid and take the path of self-employment.  The point is you have to develop and be redeveloping your talents and skills, if you are to succeed.

Depending upon your action field you may have requirements imposed upon you for personal development.  Regardless of being pressed or not, its a good idea to be sure you are developing yourself anyway to stay ahead of any legal requirements, industry changes or to just generally keep yourself marketable at work.  Regardless, to stay in demand it is always recommended that you engage in personal development.  This is true if you are a janitor.  In which case you would be more valuable to your employer if you stayed current on the latest and greatest tools and cleaning products to help you be more efficient and make regular recommendations to your supervisor for improving things.  In bigger jobs this goes without saying.  If you are in the corporate world, you want to stay abreast of the latest things in your field.  Personal development is also vitally important if you are business owner regardless of the field, as you are the power source of your organization.

Another area is general practical knowledge.  Obviously, we get our basics in school, and we may continue learning in our action fields, especially in today’s competitive environment.  But one has to keep developing beyond their action field into other arts and sciences.  The reason being everything is interrelated.   An instance of this would be the relationship between math and physics.  Math is a tool that is used in physics.  Another example is communication and psychology.  You have to know how to communicate in order to use psychology or counsel.  There are numerous examples, but you get my point about the interrelationship of the disciplines.  Staying current will help you integrate more things into your repertoire.

We don’t to have to expand our general practical knowledge all the time, but it is a long game that needs to be built into our overall life plan.  It will expand our awareness of what is going on the external environment.  We will have a greater and higher vision of current events and where we are going.

Eventually our expanding knowledge feeds back into the core of our being and creates new areas and opportunities for growth.
In personal development we focus on large areas of talent but it can be used to sharpen our various skill sets, and cause us to get greater results in our life across the board.

This is the second most important area of your life.  If you aren’t growing in your personal skills or your trade skills, you will become obsolete.  However, you needn’t fear if you are being diligent in your development because you will always be in demand.

Question: What would engaging in continuous personal development make possible for you?


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