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December 17, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Working on Your Spiritual Life III Reading

Your success or failure in any action field is dependent upon how much relevant content you consume and apply.  There is a balance.  Bruce Lee once said I fear the man who has practiced the same kick 10,000 times than the man who has practiced many kick’s 10,000 times.

With that said like in other action fields there are different approaches, systems and points of view, some systems are better than others.  Some systems aren’t as accurate as others.

I’m not going turn this post into a Bible lesson, and I certainly don’t want any claptrap from my Christian readers, but the point is regardless of the spiritual tradition you choose, reading the content of that tradition and applying it on a daily basis is going to be absolutely vital to your spiritual growth.  Here are three reasons why.

General Revelation is not enough to save you.

Nature is awesome.  It is a powerful Icon of the Creator and His Benevolence as well as his justice.  Unfortunately, unless we are in tune with our God-given intuition, it is not enough to lead us to him.  If we are lucky we may draw the correct conclusions, but even then it is not enough.

Specific Revelation Points the Way

We need the revelation of the experiences of our forebears if we are to cultivate any kind of spirituality.  I’m speaking pan-tradition at this point.  If you are a Christian, you must read the Bible and the writings of the early fathers.  If you are Jewish, you must read the Torah and the commentaries, Taoism, The Tao and the commentaries of the masters and so on.

Those books are foundational and will help you begin to retool your thinking toward a more… heavenly perspective.  Any more those who observe creation sometimes erroneously conclude that no Creator exists based on the lack of empirical evidence.  However, I digress.  You have to read to retool your thinking and expel negative thinking.

Reading is Fuel

Reading is fuel for meditation.  Meditation by definition is the use of slow breathing to still internal monologue.  We still the internal monologue so we can create a new story.

Now, I realize, we can’t always meditate… or can we!?!?!?  To an extent we can without it disrupting our day to day work.  If you are having problems making your brain shut up while you are working, you can use either content you’ve remembered or a copy of your book to give your brain something to think about.  That way instead of fretting or whatever you are using your left brain to analysis and consume the content you just fed it, creating opportunities for peace and stillness later.

So if you thought reading was boring.  Think again.  It is one of your most powerful weapons in self transformation that you’ll ever had.

What would reading more good spiritual content make possible for you?!


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