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December 15, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Working on Your Spiritual Life Part II

Last time we established that we all have spirituality, regardless of tradition and we need to cultivate it.  Here are the three tools that will help you cultivate the inner life.

Reading introduces us to new material to absorb.  It’s like food for your soul.  Reading keeps us grounded and keeps us in sync with the truth when the world is telling us lies.  As a result, it is also a defense mechanism.
Meditation and Other Inner Practices
These practices help us identify thoughts that our out of sync with our goals.  When you meditate you detach from the external clap trap, but you also separate from and observe the inner clap trap through breathing.  And as you breathe the clap trap goes away and is replaced by peace.

When you achieve stillness, it is then possible to reframe your thinking so that it is more productive.  These practices help us realign our thinking and cultivate the proper feelings toward the world in general.  This will fuel your actions.

The new thoughts lead us to act out of your new creativity.  This in turn leads you to make choices based upon your new thought patterns.  Those choices will lead to new habits, which will help you change your circumstances.

To conclude regardless of our awareness, or tradition, spirituality is vitally important to your life and to your success in life.

If the foundation is shaky, the structure is at risk.  Start today by simply reading something from a tradition of your choice.  Stay tuned to this blog, b/c we will be getting into the how to of cultivating an inner life.
What would cultivating your inner life make possible for you!?


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