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December 14, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Working on Your Spiritual Life Part I

Before we get into the how to succeed in your spiritual life, we need to have a more basic discussion about spirituality, what it is and who has it.  Regardless of a theistic, atheistic, or non-theistic tradition, you have an inner life or spirituality even if you are not aware of it.  That means everyone has an inner life or spirituality.
Your inner life regardless of how aware you are reflects into the outside world.  Initially, your inner life is a function of your conditioning, biological tendencies, choices, and habits.   If your inner life is chaotic or conflicted, your external life will be chaotic or conflicted to one degree or another.  If your inner life is stable and peaceful, your external life will be peaceful, for the most part.

Your success or failure in your spiritual life will dictate ultimate success or failure in the external world.  It may seem counter intuitive, but let me explain using some examples.
You may be rich and you believe you are a phenomenal success.  However, you know your life is meaningless.  If you don’t believe me, think about it.  How many celebrities has died either intentionally or unintentionally as a result of a lack of meaning?  Some were just looking for a bigger high by using drugs.  Others couldn’t sustain the inner ache any longer.  If you are rich and lack spirituality, you are at risk!

You may be in the middle class and you are hustling, you’ve dedicated your life to your career and family, but there is some combination of order and disorder.  This is true especially if you have children.  You are trying to lead or manage your life, and it’s difficult because you aren’t leading yourself through personal cultivation.  The activity plus the relationships means that you have something to live for.

However, you are more at risk of a heart attack b/c of the stress on your body and mind composite!

You may be poor, your life is buffeted about by the economy, and by your own inner disorders, and you have little self- control.  You are trapped the perverted conditioning of the dependent lifestyle.  Your life is hopeless, but you get some meaning out of your life and relationships.  But you are trapped and you don’t have the strength to fight your way out.
My point being that regardless of strata, we are all the same and we have similar problems to a certain degree regardless how externally successful or dilapidated you may be.

As a result, you absolutely must cultivate an inner spirituality that is growing and expanding.  You do this through the items that I will tell you about in tommorrow’s post.

For now, look at spirituality this way.  It is the foundation of your for your life.  Your overall life is the structure or building.  If the foundation is bad and not well maintained, well, eventually the house will collapse.

Keep the foundation strong, and the house of your life will stand!



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