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December 13, 2012 / Dale Melchin

The Items You Should Be Focusing on this New Year

The New Year is approaching.  For many of us if you haven’t already this is a time of reflection, renewal and preparation for a New Year.  For myself I have several items that I’m going to be working on this new year and I’d like to share these with you in a multi-part series going until the end of the year.  Here are some of the topics we’ll cover

  • Working on Your Inner Life
  • Personal Development
  • Physical Development
  • Social/Emotional Development
  • Greater Financial Control
  • Looking at what went well during the year and doing more of it.
  • Figuring out what was missing last year and putting the pieces together
  • Building your mission statement
  • Building a Life Plan
  • Creating Organization and Systems to Give Your Life Greater Margin
  • Cultivating relationships with all kinds of people to give you an edge and to help others.
  • Evaluating or Re-evaluating your worldview.
  • Recovery
  • Using Life hacks to get more done

This list is by no means exhaustive and will provide grist for the mill in your own development as a person.

I have been told a friend of mine at work that I have the gift of exhortation.  As a result.  I tend to harp on things.  It is important for you however to be intentional about your life.  If you aren’t in the drivers seat of your life, that means external circumstances are.  If you are being blown about by circumstances you are no better off than the red pills in the Matrix.  The individuals who have yet to be awoken to the realization that they are part of a system and are being used.

These ideas a broad categories and I’ll be breaking them down into several different parts up until the New Year an hopefully we’ll get some spill over as well.

So I thank you all in advance for reading.  I know you are out there, and I hope that we can help each other on this journey called life!


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