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December 10, 2012 / Dale Melchin

How to Shut Down Self-Doubt

Success and self-confidence go hand in hand, I think that is a given.  If you don’t believe in yourself who will?  So often the problem isn’t so much that we lack confidence.  It is often times that our confidences gets short circuited by self doubt. Like a house that has too much debt and not enough equity the only way to fix it is to pay off the debt.  Same thing will self doubt.  Here are 4 ways to immediately smash and shut down self doubt.

1. Breath deeply

If you are short on breath and breathing heavy its only going to agitated an already bad situation.  Breathing will help calm you down and bring your feelings into some degree of controllability.

2. Affirm yourself

Tell yourself you can do it and believe it.  Do this repeatedly and you will.  You have to be on your own side in your own internal war.

3. Make it ok to fail

If you mess it up, do not beat yourself up over it, this will only make problems worse.  In Mel Gibson’s We Were Soldiers, the communications called in a Broken Arrow Airstrike and as a result the explosion took place too close to the American line and injured/killed several men from the company.  Do you know what Mel Gibson’s character told the communications officer to do?  Forget about it!  It was vital to immediately correct the error and continue fighting.  We are not going to be blowing ourselves or others up in the process of life change.  I use that extreme example to make a point.  Make it OK to fail and course correct!

4. Get up and get started!

The sooner you take action, the sooner the confidence will get to you.  When you take action you will immediately feel empowered and able to achieve your objective.  Just remember, motivation is like bathing… you have to do it every day.

What would smashing self-doubt make possible for you?


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