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December 6, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Why Only You Can Succeed and the Politicians Can’t Do It for You

The election is over and at this point we are looking to what is going to happen in January, which is the election of President Obama.  Now I encourage you not to get too hot and bothered over him, if you did in fact vote for him.  President Obama isn’t going to buy you your success, he nor any of his policies are going to bring it to you.  Ultimately the politicians, bankers, or anyone else are not going to make life easier for you.  Only you can do this.

Ultimately, you are in charge of your future and here are 4 reasons why.

  1. Only you can determine your life’s direction.

The Universe is complex and multifaceted as are our lives.  I realize that we generally start off life being products of our environment and our culture.  We have to deal with conditions and conditioning in our lives, I get that.   By we I mean you and I.  Ultimately, you are responsible for the direction of your life.  You may have had bad parents, a low quality education.  You may have been raised in the inner city and have had to deal with bad conditions.  I get it.  What you are experiencing is not absolute reality.  The way you are thinking about your life and why you think you can’t get anywhere is really the lie that has been forced upon by generations of conditioning.  If you make a decision to dispense with negative thinking and take steps to improve your life you will gain traction over time.  You may be fighting for survival, but ultimately, you are the one fighting.  Not President Obama or any of his proposals or ideas.  It starts and ends with you!

2.        If you can’t change your circumstances, you can change how you think about them.

Again, I am placing the power in your hands.  If you’ve tried to make a change and feel like you’ve failed it ultimately comes down to the processes you use and how you think about your life and those processes.  Let me give you an example.

Lets say you are going to get to a healthy weight.  That’s a common example.  So you get your gym membership, your workout pants and so on.  You start off really well and then you fizzle out and go back to your old habits.  There are two reasons why you failed and both of them are with in your control.  The first would be the process that you used.  You may be used to going right home after work, your you may not be a morning person.  The point is that you need to use processes that are going to be congruent with your goal.

The second is how you think.  If you are thinking in terms of losing weight, you need to re think your plans.  The mind does not like negative goals.  You need to think in terms of optimal health or good nutrition and so on.  You also need to think in terms of an activity goal.  How often are you going to work out?  How long and so on.  The other aspect of thinking is also those subconscious patterns you’ve developed.  This is where you really need to work on changing your thinking.

Remember the conditioning we’ve been talking about?  Over those first 18-21 years of your life you’ve developed certain habits and thought patterns from your family culture and they are part of your identity.  If you make a shift suddenly, your being revolts against it.  Meditation and self-hypnosis helps you recondition your mind.  This leads me to my next point.

3. You have access to all of tools that the universe offers us to change our way of being.

With the advent of Google, we can find plenty of guides, coaches, mentors, and advice.  Often times sometimes you can teach yourself the basics and then find an instructor when the money permits.  You have seven ancient traditions at your beck and call.  You have the discoveries of modern psychology at your finger tips.  If you have a computer with an internet connection, you don’t have an excuse for fixing your life.

This is where meditation and re-scripting come in. In meditation you get to the cause of your attachment    You full explore it and acknowledge it, and then gently during meditation you detach and you put another frame of thinking in its place.  When you are in that relaxed state you are open and you can tell yourself that exercise is what is best for you.  You deserve to treat yourself better by exercise or whatever.

When you tell yourself this enough times you begin to believe it and you align yourself with it.  You can apply it to anything else, such as how you think about money.  When you change your script, it makes it easier to change the behavior and over time your results will change.  The only reason why it doesn’t happen is because people give up too easily.

Another aspect is that we don’t take failure into account.  Whenever you are learning a new life skill you have to understand that failure is not the end.  You can and must get back up and get going again.  Failure is part of the change process.

4. These are all items that you must take care of, therefore, the politicians cannot do it for you.

Ultimately, whatever political changes happen that are intended to make life easier for us it is up to you to act on them.  At best, policies can make things a little easier, but they will not solve the problem.

Our collective problems stem from our own attachments, imperfections and bad thinking.  The good news is those are all things that are ultimately within our control, if we will utilize the tools that the universe has given us for change.

What would seizing control of your life make possible for you?


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