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December 5, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Why Meditation is Dangerous for You Part Two: External Environments and being Fantastic

Picking up from where we left off yesterday, we will cover more of the dangers of meditation.  The second danger is more conditional than the first.  If you are in an unstable external environment your progress will be disrupted.  Here are some instances where this will occur.

If you are a generally disorganized person, your meditation will be ineffective b/c your subconscious will be pestering you while you are trying to meditate.  Even if you are not immediately aware of it, it is still happening.    We have a bent to conquer or environment and bring order to it.  If we deny this impulse it effects our performance b/c our mental energy isn’t allocated where it needs to go (like a hard drive running background programs). 

If you live with people who are generally noisy (roommates or family), you may also be impeded in your progress.  Explain to them what you are doing.  Let them know you are not pushing it on them.  Ask that during the times that you meditate that they be quiet, use headphones whatever. 

Also feel free to set up some of the following house rules.  Keep your own area and common areas clean, allow more leeway for others’ personal spaces.  Generally if you ask nicely people will do what you ask.  Unless of course you live with someone who is extremely overbearing… then you need to have a different type of conversation.

The final danger is also conditional, but must be heeded.  If you are in an abusive relationship, does not attempt meditation at this time. Your efforts will be wasted.   Instead, do the following. 

Get out of the relationship…now.  I always tell others that they are worth more than they think they are, and I am always right.  If you are in this situation, you deserve better than what you are getting.  You need to treat yourself well in order for your life to go well.  You also need to have close connections that are beneficial and not destructive.  Do not hesitate to pack up and leave, file a restraining order, whatever you have to do.  Then get some help for yourself.  I’ve mentioned this in other posts but there are mental health clinics that you can go to for a fraction of the cost if you need it.   After you have spent some time healing, take up meditation.  With that said, you’ve endured a lot in that situation.  You will need a guide to help you work through some of the thought patterns to avoid going back into that situation.  You also need to make a commitment to yourself to never allow such a relationship to happen again. 

The final danger is to those who particularly like to wax fantastic.  If you try to go outside of yourself in your meditation you may cause permanent damage.  Just don’t do it!  The mind is extremely powerful and we are just beginning to figure out the full extent of its capabilities.  Focus your efforts internally and you will get the best results from your work, trying to do other things will only cause damage.

So, there you have it the dangers of meditation.  I’m sure this isn’t an exhaustive list.  As much as I emphasis the practice, you will wish to proceed with caution and make sure you are paying attention to detail in your work.  The details do matter, especially in matters of the mind. 

If you wish to agree or take issue with what I’m saying or share your own experiences, please comment below.


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