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November 30, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Regrets: Lessons from Paying Back Karma, and how to have success afterwards

Have you ever made a decision that turned into a regret?  Did you every question the purpose of making that mistake?  Or if you would ever have success afterwards?

I know I have.  One of the worst decisions I made in my life, honestly was leaving college the first round.  I was a Junior at Liberty University when my mom got sick with cancer.  I walked away from what I thought at the time was going to be a promising Pastoral Career.  I ended up not finishing, I took a job working at the carwash and life just kind of got in the way after that.  It set up a negative pattern of failure and job hopping b/c I got off the path of self-improvement and self- actualization and settled into mediocrity.

Not everything has been horrible as a result of this.  I’ve learned a lot of life lessons that I otherwise would not have learned had I continued down the pastoral road.  The point of this post though is to learn the lessons from having to pay back Karma without having to run afoul of it.

Karma is a function of our habits which is tied to you sow what you reap.  There were many factors that set me on the path to mediocrity.  But the first is below.

  1. The first insight is to set your own course and manage conditions as they come to you.  I had it right the first round when I went to LU.  I went on faith.  After that, things began to work out me and I was able to stay there for 3 years, until I fell off the horse.  Just because you have a challenge doesn’t mean God doesn’t want you doing something.  In fact, often times resistance is the indicator that something is going right.
  2. Find your purpose in life early.  This is done through self-transformation.  I’ve met so many people, including myself who have lived life haphazardly.  I don’t mean you shouldn’t have fun while you are young.  What I mean is even while you are having fun, take meditation and self-improvement seriously.  The only time having fun runs afoul of spirituality is if moral lines are crossed or if the party becomes your reason for existence or a salve for a challenging life.  Finding your purpose, doing as many things as you can to find what fits you and what doesn’t fit you early on will save you tons of hassle on the back end and will allow you to focus on what you need to focus on in your 20’s and 30’s
  3. Take ownership of the foul up.  If you have fouled up, pay it back, and accept it.  In my case.  I’m going to have to bust my chops to get into a real career.  Fortunately, I’ve accepted it, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to move the needle back into my favor rather than doing damage control.
  4. Do the necessary work/recovery work to get your life on course.  This applies not just to career.  It applies to health, family, as well as other relationships.  If you’ve developed bad health habits, take the steps today to move in the right direction.  It doesn’t have to be one area, if you are “in debt” in one area, start making those deposits so you are working in balance with the other areas of your life.  This includes thinking patterns.  Our thinking patterns are what lead us to make the choices that we make.  When counterproductive thought habits become the norm,  it trips us up on our journey

So to conclude, we’ve all messed up in life on one level or another, and will continue to mess up.  However, if you learn from your mistakes and act differently, it will help you reverse karma in your life and in your mind.


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