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November 28, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Recovery the Prerequisite and other half to Self-Mastery

Most of my articles are addressed to individuals who are functional and have the strong potential to become self aware or improve their self awareness.  However this article is intended to help others who have a different narrative.

This is for those who have to do recovery work.  Recovery comes at various levels.  It came be recovery from an extended period of self-inflicted bad choices.  Or it can come from having to deal with a long time of putting up with the abuse of others (to varying degrees).  And to the worst extent those of us who have had to deal with PTSD, for whatever reason it erupted in our state of being.

Now, I am not a victim of PTSD.  My dad, as much of a jerk as he was, was not a classical abuser.  Yeah, he was verbally abusive and that affected my self esteem and so on.  And yeah, he overused corporal punishment, but he never broke my spirit.  There were a few times I stood up too him as well growing up, and afterwards.  I do know that some of you do have PTSD.  What I am recommending, in terms of recovery work, applies if you are traumatized, or you just have have a lot of bad conditioning.  The difference, is those with PTSD will need more external help and guidance versus those who just put up with other peoples crap for 18 years.

Bottom line.  Regardless of your narrative, in order to become functional, you have to untie the knots of those people who have conditioned you to behave in a self sabotaging way, or else you will never attain self mastery.

It starts by searching through your negative thought patterns.  Then tracing them back to where they came from.  Then invalidating those sources, and replacing them with authentic thinking, and coming up with a Minimal Effective Response to those thoughts when they come back.

Sometimes this process will need to be repeated on a day to day level.  But the more you stand up for yourself in your own mind.  The stronger you will be become.  With greater strength, comes greater pro-activity.  This will help you use the seven keys that I previously mentioned.

Question:  What would completing a recovery regimen make possible for you?


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