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November 20, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Obstacles are only absolute if you make them that way.

You’ve been in the situation where you thought an obstacle was insurmountable, we all have.  However, conditions changed you were able to go on business as usual, right? Here are some examples of obstacles that can be changed, controlled or influenced.


As annoying as these are, they can be avoided in the physical world by finding another route and in our existence also by finding a work around.  Delays are by far the easiest to overcome b/c you have the ability to go around.

Bad Habits

While we all have habits we would like to break and unfortunately cannot break them all at once, we do have the ability to start working on them.  It takes 21 days to make new habits.  That means even if you are working on one thing at a time, you can change exactly  17 different habits in one year.  That’s why its best to work on them one at a time, and overlearn all the good stuff, so that way success itself becomes a habit.

Mental fragmentation

Now, I was reading up on this.  From my best understanding this is what happens when a person feels like they are falling apart.  However, I have a different way of looking at it as it relates to life change.  Let me illustrate with some examples.

You are a smoker.  Even if you aren’t one pretend you are for a moment.  You’ve been doing it for 20 years and you decide.  Hey, this sucks, it’s time to stop.  So you stop.  However, this has been a habit for 20 years.  So this new thought pattern of not smoking and say going to the gym a little more often becomes part of your thinking.  Well that’s mental fragmentation in my book.  You are in conflict with yourself.  What’s happening is your thought, physical and physiological patterns are fighting the change.   If you were a nation, you would be engaged in a civil war.

Fortunately however, you have access to meditation and self hypnosis, so you are able to tame this wild mind of yours and unify it into cooperating with you.  Sure, you might have problems and slip up a few times before you complete the conquest of the smoking habit.  But you can do it.

Now, I realize there are more advanced forms of this out there such as schizopherenia.  However, I’m talking about individuals who are concerned with life change.  That requires treatment of a different magnitude.

External Conditions

These have primarily to do with conditions that were perceive as getting in our way.  Not enough money, lack of support on the home front etc.  If they have to do with people, they can be influenced or avoided.

Paying for previous consequences

Think of any bad decision that has come back to bite you later, and it seems to be preventing you from moving forward on things now.  That is what I mean by paying for previous consequences.  I address this in another article.

There are other items that are truly beyond our control.  Those are pretty obvious items so I won’t name them here.  The key is to focus on the things you can control and influence.  That will help you moved past the obstacles with greater speed.

What would re-framing obstacles make possible for you?

P.S.  On a humorous note, the spell checker offered ramming as a replacement for re-framing.  Feel free to discuss the consequences of ramming obstacles as well. 😀


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