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November 19, 2012 / Dale Melchin

The Keys to Ongoing Success in Your Life VII: Using the Keys Daily in a Microcosm of your life… in other words, the morning routine

Of all of the external activities that are important in your life.  It is this, the morning routine.  It runs you through the 7 keys on a daily basis and preps you for the day ahead.  Having a healthy morning routine will help you accomplish anything and is the most important external system because it feeds back into self-mastery.

This is what I do for my morning routine.  I simultaneously have more and less freedom to do this b/c of the position I work in.  I work 12-9 as a customer service representative.  My weekday morning general looks like this

5am: Rise, throw on gym clothes drink a cold glass of water, have a tiny breakfast, meditate for a half an hour

6am: Read Good Content to fill my brain for about 15 mins then head to the gym.  Work out for an ½ hour or so using the Express workout at Planet Fitness.

7am: Shower and shave.  By this time I’ve burned off the food I’ve ingested previously, so I have another small meal.

7:30am: compile my today list.  Check finances, create content or post to my blog.  Depending on the buffer or how creative I am I may or may not get to the content part of it.  After this I work down my today list

8am-10am work on other goals

10 am- 11:30 Martial Arts Class (on certain days)

11:30 Am head to work.

This is just what I do at this point.  I’m not imposing it on anyone.  I am simply recommending that if a morning routine does not pre-exist in your life to make it one.  It will result in insight and a much sharper focus in your life if you are able to do this.

So there you have 7 things you must do in order to be a success.  It smacks of 7 Habits, and guess what? Covey is one of my influences, I’ve just put it to you in a way that is not as hefty. 😉

What would Utilizing the 7 Keys make possible for you?  What would having an excellent morning routine make possible for you?



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