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November 16, 2012 / Dale Melchin

The Keys to Ongoing Success in Your Life VI: Cultivating and Maintaining Important Relationships that propel you toward the goal

Self-mastery is the core that flows into how your internal world interacts with the external environment.  However this next part about cultivating relationships, deals with how to interact with the most important part of your environment people.  Regardless of what profession we are in, we are doing something for others.  As a result, we have to be able to relate to other people in the environment that is effective and mutually satisfying.

This is really a three edged sword to borrow a phrase from Babylon 5.  The first edge is how you relate to others.  Do you have the ability to relate to others?  Do you have character but not communication and persuasion skills?  If you are repelling others from your life how do you expect to engage others who need you?

The second edge is the kind of people you allow into your life and what they think of your goals.  I am not talking about people who are critical and provide constructive feedback.  I’m talking about people who feed you negativity or their negative habits rub off onto you.  If you have individuals that you are close to who are for lack of a better term losers, you need to find new friends fast.  It is better to walk alone than to have those in your life who slow you down on the path.  As Larry Winget says:  “He who walks with dumbasses is a dumbass.”  Or as Proverbs says: “He who walks with the wise, is wise.”

The third edge is finding powerful, positive people who are there to cheer you on and spur you toward the goal.  These can be successful friends, coaches, coworkers, etc.  But they give you a powerful burst of energy into your life and they help you get to where you need to be.  That help may come in the form of encouragement, referrals, contacts, whatever.  But whatever they do, they support you, and you hopefully, find ways to support them!

What would cultivating great relationships in a variety of arenas make possible for you?


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