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November 15, 2012 / Dale Melchin

The Keys to Ongoing Success in Your Life V: Daily Execution

Daily execution and adapting are key to your ongoing success, however, they must flow out of the vision and strategy that we have created in the previous keys.

Item 3 was strategic and 4 was a hybrid between the tactical and the strategic side of things.  This is the really fun part because this is where the action happens.  This is where you execute your plans or adapt them based on human needs.  Ideally you would come up with a Today List again, as Michael Hyatt calls it of the top 5 most important things that you need to get done today.

You would want to ask yourself the following questions or adjust them based on what you are doing.  If you are trying to get rich, how are you doing with disciplining your spending?  How are you marketing yourself to prospective employers or investing in yourself to become that entrepreneur that you wish to be.  Are you following your morning and evening routines?  Are you following your other processes?  If you are, and you aren’t getting your results, what’s missing?  If you are and you are getting results, document what you are doing right and do more of that.

To make sure the tactical stuff actually materializes, it is helpful to review the Vision and strategy on a daily basis.  No more than five minutes.  You want to avoid thinking that reviewing the plan is executing. That’s like piling wood into a stove and not lighting it.  Often times it helps to think about what you stand to lose if you aren’t executing on your goals.

The  most exciting part of about daily execution is that even if you have a “bad” day, if you engaged the processes and activities you’ve created to get to your goal, you can retire for the evening knowing that you’ve gotten closer to your goal.

What would having a “Today” List make possible for you?


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