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November 13, 2012 / Dale Melchin

The Keys to Ongoing Success in Your Life III: Processes and Systems Bring Success Not Events

M.J. Demarco in his book “The Millionare Fastlane” says that wealth is created by process, not events.  He is very right.  I would go beyond that to say that the Universe is built on process.  Success in any area depends upon process, not events.  Process gives birth to events.  The reason why there are only a few high achievers who actually make it to their goals is that many of us run afoul of this very basic principle.  We either use broken processes, or we don’t even follow process, we just expect things to happen in a vacuum.

The processes and systems I am talking about here aren’t like computers.  They are more readily known as habits.  The first of the habits that one must have is the morning routine and I will elaborate on that and other processes in the posts to follow in this series.

To use an easy and common example on habit that could be formed is the habit of budgeting, and checking account balances.  You create a budget for an entire year, and then break that budget down into monthly budgets based on current needs, and then you would follow that monthly budget in some form to make day to day spending decisions.   Other systems might include an exercise routine, or a weekly planning system which I will outline in the following post.

Some of these systems can be automated or there are computer based aids that are available for cultivating habits or building processes into one’s life. I will list some of those below.

If you have a vision to get into a higher paying job, you would follow a process that aligns with that vision.  It might involve additional training, a masters degree, or simply calling on businesses who may need your services.  Sometimes you have to create the process and hone it until it works to the desired result.  And of course, it is not necessarily something tangible it is simply a method or habit of doing something.

What processes have you or could you create in order to bring about your vision?


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