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November 12, 2012 / Dale Melchin

The Keys to Ongoing Success in Your Life II Visioneering: You have to see where you are going!

Vision is the second most important thing in your keys to success.  You have to see it from the beginning, and this is one of the best parts of the success building process.

This is where it becomes fun.  You use visioneering to create in your mind’s eye the outcomes that you want in your life.  You see how you want your life to look in the next 20 to twenty years or longer.   You can use this as a shorter range focus as well.  Visioneering ties in with meditation and visualization because you are making yourself open to the outcome; you are literally programming the code into your brain to go after that outcome.  Its fun b/c you can create the future in your mind before you actualize it.  It frees you from conditions and linear thinking and takes you to where you need to be in your mind.  After the vision is firmly in place you proceed to step 3 to create the logistics to make the vision happen.

You have to see the end from the beginning.  Whether you look at it from the perspective of Stephen Covey (Begin with the End in Mind) or Michael Hyatt (The Relationship Between Vision and Productivity). In other words, you get to play God in the Creation of your own life.  What is your life going to look like when you get done?  What kind of person will you be?  What kind of things do you want?  What will your career look like?  You have to ask good creation questions and build your vision.  Focus on how the victory will feel like when it is attained.  You have to sear it into your mind.

During the process of visioneering, do NOT look at strategy or tactics at this time.  If you think of the how before the what, you will limit yourself.  If you strategize before you complete visioneering, it will be like driving a car that is only firing on 2 cylinders.  You can go, but you’ll be hobbled, and the vision will suffer as a result.

Do scorn limits.  Ignore the negativity of yourself or others.  Look at the possibilities and allow yourself to be excited about it!

After you have a clear picture of the vision, share it with the key people in your life, but not the general public.  If you talk about the goal too much you will stall yourself, or possibly sabotage yourself.

After you have savored your vision and see what it is like in your mind’s eye that is when you execute it.  It is at this point that strategizing and planning tactics will be effective, and you will get the most out of it.  Savor your vision and use that as fuel to get your accomplish your goals.

What would having a clear vision make possible for you?


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