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November 8, 2012 / Dale Melchin

The Keys to Ongoing Success in Your Life (7 Part Series)

Success, Money, Fame, Power, Glory, Immortality, Opulence, fulfillment, true happiness.  Those are words that you can use to describe the successful.  I might be exaggerating about the immortality, perhaps legacy would be better.  In any case, those are things we all want from life to one degree or another.  The question is how do we get them?  And as disclaimer, I’m on this same journey just as much as anyone else.  But I believe through my research and reading I have found the 7 Keys to Ongoing Success.    Here they are

Self-Discipline/Mastery:  Without this You are DEAD to your aspiriations!

Visioneering: You have to see where you are going!

Utilization of Processes and Systems: Success is based around processes, not events!

Weekly Planning: How are you going to use your 168 hours this week?

Daily Execution:  How will the next 24 hours be utilized?

Cultivating and Maintaining Important Relationships that propel you toward the goal: Do you walk with the wise?  Or the Unwise?

Repeating these steps daily as a microcosm of the big picture to stay motivated:  In other words, success is a planned event!

Do these look familiar?  They should if you do any kind of reading.  I am a huge student of Stephen Covey.  Seven Habits has had a profound impact on my life.  I just like to break things down for you further because the book is such a massive tome!  It is great stuff though!

Seriously though, I will be posting articles over the next seven days going in depth into these concepts.  For now I leave you with this question.

What is your vision of a successful, fulfilled life?  What do you want?  How do you intend to get there?



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  1. Angel Heart / Nov 10 2012 4:44 pm

    We are lead to believe that money, power, fame, glory and success are prerequisites of happiness; according to the media, educational institutions etc. However, rich, famous and powerful people have been known to be in despair; especially celebraties. It is the ‘ego’ which drives people towards the pursuit of money, fame and power. Their sense of self-worth is attached to the criteria implemented by capitalism. Please take a look at this blog which gives 8 reasons why rich and famous people are unhappy.

    Obviously, money is a necessity but not necessarily the most important factor in our lives. The best things in life are free and cannot be bought. Those in pursuit of material gain that never achieve their goal tend to become my clients at Essence Life (Telephone Counselling)

  2. Dale Melchin / Nov 10 2012 9:44 pm

    I read your post and I’m inclined to agree with you. The way to true happiness is to bring the ego into subjection and validate your own worth internally rather than externally. The only exception I would make is that the rich are in an excellent position to make their internal lives better b/c they have money and time on there hands to do it. Thanks for your reply. 😀

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