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October 30, 2012 / Dale Melchin

The Relationship Between the Nation’s Psychological Condition and Our Current Political Climate

The problem with politics today is not the Obama and Romney.  It is the constituency.  Namely it is the way the constituency thinks about life.  A good bulk of our constituency thinks in terms of what the country can do for them rather than the other way around, as JFK warned us so long ago.  I can demonstrate this through how the politicians speak.

Instead of playing the JFK card, both candidates are offering to do things for the constituency.  Obama is offering to expand entitlements, reform the medical system, tax the wealthy, create jobs and so on.  Romney on the other hand is offering to lower taxes and create jobs reform the medical system and so on.  The messages are the same, the methods are different, but the promises are there.

The problem with politicians making promises is that it is indicative that we as a constituency are failing to live empowered lives.  We are failing to mentally detach ourselves from the environment to the point where we see challenges and work around them, and we expect our politicians to take care of them rather than taking matters into our own hands.

By taking matters into our own hands I’m talking about getting up and dealing with the personal challenges we face everyday to make our lives more prosperous and successful.

If the people would empower themselves, then we could do a better job of keeping politicians accountable for their platforms.

The ultimate question we need to ask is it the government’s job to create prosperity, or is it the governments job to create an environment where prosperity is able to flourish.


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