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October 29, 2012 / Dale Melchin

High School as Life

We never really seem to get away from it.  As long as people are around, and as long as we continue to interact with each other there will always be various levels of relationships, interactions, maturity and so on regardless of where we are.  In some places the drama, comedy, or just out right silliness just go with the territory regardless of where you are.  Individuals tend to boo the public school system as being an artificial environment that does little to prepare you for the real world.

I disagree.

Regardless of the organization you work in, profit, non-profit, self owned, collectively owned, it is always on one level or another going to resemble high school.  Even if the organization is very conservative or very liberal… its still going to happen.  The roles, relationships, themes, regardless of combination or permutation are going to crop up.  Here are some examples.

The Head of the Site is the Principal, they run the organization, discipline, set goals for the organization and discipline the teachers/managers and offer them feedback.  That whole aspect of management has a dynamic all its own… but it is still the same.  It looks like high school  because you have the various personalities.

Then you have the managers who are the teachers and you have various kinds of teachers/managers.  The don’t give a damn manager is just there to get the team to do what it is supposed to do regardless of relationship.  You have the concerned manager who invests in the team, but isn’t an effective leader, you have the manager who is genuinely concerned about his team, and commands strong personal and moral authority in their position.   And then you have managers/ teachers anywhere in the continuum.

And regardless of how far up you go in the organization, the same dynamic is going to be there.  Even if it wears a suit and “acts” like an adult.  High School is still present in life.

Agree or disagree, the organizational elements are there in high school and they exist in the real world.  But what do you think?

What hilarious, sad or maddening examples are in your work that proves or disproves the idea of “life as high school?” Leave your comment below.


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