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October 8, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Enlightenment Through Work

One of the things that I have observed in the Millennial generation with some exceptions is a disdain for work. This is a problem.

Work is what enables us to have awesome things, like money. It is also the key to freedom. Not just work for pay, but internal and external work on the human heart.  To quote the late Steven Covey: “Work is the sustaining engine of life.”

This leads me to to tell you that if you aren’t working, you need to. Also if you feel you aren’t getting ahead, do more of it. Or do the work necessary to make your work more valuable to others.

I have Worked 6-7 days for the last 3 months and it has helped on a lot of levels while other areas have taken a hit. This is to be expected when you are putting energy into one area at the expense of others. Everything in life can’t be a priority or else nothing is.

I have also found ways to do the damage control in my life via prioritization.

Why you should work more.

It increases your proficiency in your action field. As Larry Winget once said: “When you get better, business gets better.” Even if it is a mundane area, people will pay you more for the more excellent work you produce.

It increases your work ethic. If you have a strong work ethic, coupled with persistence there is nothing you can’t accomplish. Obviously, you want to weight this out with operating in your strengths area.

It broadens your horizons. In other words you begin to see the relationships between your job and other jobs that are in your action field.

Finally it is transferable into spirituality and other areas. If you are a proficient worker, it will translate into other areas of importance if you can find the key concepts and run with them.

What would doing more, better, or more valuable work make possible for you?


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