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August 24, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Happiness and Joy: Is there a Difference?

In my view, happiness does not require a reason or purpose to exist. It is the purpose of existence.

-Dale Melchin

I know, I get huge points for credibility by quoting myself.  But it is on the internet, so it automatically has credibility, right?

After I made this comment on Facebook there were varying degrees of feedback on this thought.  To which I politely and civilly responded until I made another joke about the American Dream and the Russian Dream.  And if you are Russian and reading this, don’t get offended, I was weaponizing the American view of Russians to a comedic end.  Or at least my understanding of their view.

But I digress.

I define happiness as finding one’s purpose and living it out fully, regardless of circumstances.  One of my associates on the Facebook decided to limit happiness to be tied to positive feelings about what happens.

I still disagree.

You can still be hard pressed and be happy on the inside.  You can exercise your inner freedom and be happy or joyful, and make the best use of circumstances.

Besides, we live in friggin America.  If you live here.  You have NO REASON TO BE UNHAPPY, b/c we have it so easy here.  *Preemptively hits all whining college age hipsters and liberals who would complain about how hard we have it*

If you look to the third world they have no reason to be happy.  And yet, they make the best of it day in and day out.

So my point?  In America.  There is no difference.  Be happy you are here.  Cultivate inner joy, cast off the chains of circumstances, and conquer your life so you can make it what you want it to be.

That is all.


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