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June 22, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Finding and Executing on Your Vocation

Dan Miller in his book 48 Days and No More Dread Mondays talks about 3 components of Successful work.  Vocation, Career, and Job.  The biggest part of this is Vocation.

Vocation is your purpose, what you were essentially created to do.  It is a mission in life that is so compelling that you are at odds with yourself until you detect it and start doing it in all areas of life.  You have a vocation or a purpose regardless of your religion.  God has something for you to do, even if you don’t believe in Him. 😉

Now, how do you find vocation?  You do it by getting involved, getting your hands dirty and being active.  You have to try a bunch of different things.  You should also take personality and assessment tests to help guide you.  You should also learn to at a minimum meditate and utilize constructive introspection so that way you can really see if what you are doing is a good fit.  And ultimately you must decided if it fits you.

You eventually discover your vocation and it comes to you as a result of all of this activity and it dawns on you that you need to be doing this.

For instance if your vocation is alleviate suffering in the world, there are all kinds of careers and jobs you could get in to accomplish that mission.

The key is not to limit yourself.  Then when the time is right.  Meditate, and let go of all things that you want and what you think you want.  That which comes back to you is your mission.  Start on it immediately when that happens.


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