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June 20, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Excuses: The Straw Man Argument against Life Change II

In my recent post on Khan Academy, it got me to thinking about how we make so many excuses about everything in our lives.  For instance:

It costs too much

I don’t have the time

I’m afraid I’ll fail

My family needs me

My kids need me

I’m tired all the time

The economy isn’t right

I’m afraid to fail

Everyone else should take responsibility for me

Or some permutation of these excuses.

In the case of going back to school or learning a skill set that costs lots of money to do you can go to Khan Academy where you can learn almost anything for free.  If you don’t have a computer, you can use the local public library generally the bigger the library the more time you can get on the computer to do your work.  If you need tools on how to learn how to do specific Math problems you can just Google search the subject you are working on and an infinite of FREE resources will pop out of no where.

After you master that skill set either at Khan Academy or another area you can Test out.  That’s right take the CLEP tests and they will say that you meet the pre-requisite for x,y, or z.

For the time related issues  there are plenty of applications and resources for managing time.  You may no know this but Google has the free Google calendar where you can plan out your week and your tasks that need to be done.  There is also Life Tick, Joe’s Goals, and several other electronic applications that will help you manage your projects and goals.  There is also the good old pen and paper system of time management using a Franklin-Covey Planner.

For the kid related issues, either enlist the help of a good nanny or baby sitter or simply manage your time so that you can work on your life change while they are at school or napping.

As for the time timing issues, the best time to get to work on something is today and to keep working on it because the timing will never be perfect.

I will cover other free resources as time goes on but, just remember.  There is NO good excuse.

Question:  What excuses have you come up with that have turned out be straw men?


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