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June 17, 2012 / Dale Melchin

A Tribute to My Two Dads

In Robert Kyosoki’s book, rich dad, poor dad, he stalks about his biological dad being a financially poor person and his best friend Mike’s dad being a Rich dad and he tells several stories about how his relationship with his rich dad was seminal to him becoming rich.  Its a great book and you all should check it out.

This is a Tribute to my two dads.  Those of you who know me, I promise, this will not be a diatribe about Thomas Melchin, however I will be truthful about my dealings with him as far as the scope of this blog permits.

Thomas Melchin was a quirky man to say the least.  He was the typical hippy from the 60/70’s but he also had a temper.  Even before I became a Christian he and I tended to but heads.  Unfortunately like mom, discipline was more a function of punishment and redirecting inconvenient behavior.  I did inherit some bad tendencies from him, as well as some good ones.  However, the bad behaviors were mitigated by Ray and the good tendencies were “aggravated.” I guess you might say.

Like with Shannon, I learned a lot of what not to do from him.  I have learned NOT to yell.  I have learned (for the most part) not be impetuous.  I have learned not to blame others, and not be irresponsible.

Ray, however, has provided many of the positive things that I have in my life.  He has taught me how to think.  How to be brave.  How to love a wife, how to see the best in people.  How to use obstacles to my advantage, and how to fix and build things (although that tendency was native thanks to Thomas.)   But he helped me in ways that I see and probably in ways that I don’t see every day.

Happy Father’s Day, Ray…. and Tom.


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