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June 9, 2012 / Dale Melchin

A Recent Conversation with Dallon Christensen Part IV

No, I didn’t give up on my blog.  I painted a deck today with Dallon.  As of right now I am burned up and tired, but I’m writing anyway, because its what I do.  Before we jump into the content of this post I would like to summarize the previous discussion.

The Democratic Platform doesn’t work because it involves expanding the powers of government and increasing the reliance of individuals on government benefits, both at the expense of the American people and at the expense of one’s ability to rely on one’s self.

The Republican Platform doesn’t work because it involves expanding the powers of corporations and increasing the number of individuals relying on corporations for jobs at the expense of one’s ability to rely on one’s self.  No, I don’t think that corporations are on a hiring frenzy, I think corporations want people who are mainly conforming, somewhat self-determining, but not enough to be a problem or change things.

The common problem is the fact that both platforms are teaching individuals learned helplessness.  Both are pernicious, malevolent, and subtle.  Even if you are successful corporate junkie you have to watch what you are doing, because if you become a liability often times are curtains.

This is why I advocate creating monetary value from intrinsic value.  This idea is not new, Dan Miller at 48 Days advocates this approach in all of his coaching whether you are an actual employee or are self employed.

 Creating Monetary Value from intrinsic value

We all have areas of talent an expertise in particular areas whether we realize it or not.  Often times we lack the self-confidence to express it, if you think you don’t have ideas you do.  If you think you don’t have confidence, you do, it’s just dormant and needs to be cultivated.

Dan Miller expresses it this way.

Know yourself and what you enjoy doing and what you are naturally good at.  This is simple, but not easy.  We have to do two things.  Take assessments, know yourself, and take action.  In taking action, however, do a bunch of stuff until you find it.

After you’ve found your passion, find a job or business that matches that.  This is what is called according to Dr. Phil, calls man-task interface.  The man-task interface is when your personality and passion matches up with your work.

Plan, research and execute on getting into that line of work.  Dan goes into this in great detail in the Book 48 Days.  (Just so we are clear, I am not an affiliate with Dan… yet and I get no compensation for plugging the site. Just go look at the site.)

Make Money…lots of it.

When you find work your love, the money shows up.  If you love your work, it is not necessary to waste money dulling your mind numbing the pain of a hellish job.  Life becomes more of a celebration.  Sometimes, the work you love will be a 6 figure or a high 5 figure income, but it doesn’t have to be a meager living as so many of us think it is.

This system doesn’t require a lot from us, and it is more efficient than getting government or corporations to do it for us.  In the end it is better, because we are in control of what we make or don’t make.  If we reach this level of self-actualization, we become one less person who needs government help.

The problem too often is that we don’t own enough of ourselves spiritually or psychologically to handle the calculated risk that comes with it.  We often blow it out of proportion and it leaves us enslaved to old habits.  This is where I want to make it a point to emphasize self-employment even if you are employed by a company.  They are your customer, you create a particular brand by the value of your work, and you can use your accomplishments in the job search to leverage higher paying work.


Take responsibility for yourself.  Know yourself.  Know what you love. Get after it

Use the tools given to us by our Creator prepare ourselves for the task.  What I mean by the tools, I’m talking about meditation, visualization, to create self-control, which will help you eliminate fear and gain self confidence.    Ultimately we are in control of ourselves, even if we don’t realize it.  Ultimately, if you argue with finding monetary worth within and bringing it forward, you are wrong.


Bottom Line

  • Take Action.
  • Retool your thinking
  • Find what you love
  • Take calculated risks
  • But don’t be afraid to fail
  • If you do fail… get up and get after again!

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