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June 7, 2012 / Dale Melchin

A Recent Conversation With Dallon Christensen Part III

This part of the conversation is the one you’ve all been waiting for.  Where I dog on the Republicans.

The next part of the conversation led us to reduce the Republican platform to the following:

Republican’s say “the corporations will fix everything.”

Now before my Republican friends try to burn me at the stake I will acknowledge on this post and retroactively to this one I tend to paint in broad brush strokes.  It makes it easier to keep my posts to 400 -700 words.  If I wrote more than that you all would fall asleep.

But yes, Republican platform is that the corporations will fix everything.

This is a wrong headed position for several reasons.

1. It give individuals something external to rely on without it being a guarantee.  Corporations are notorious for putting the needs of the business ahead of the needs of the workers.  Now, as a businessman in exile, I don’t have a problem with this.  A companies finances have to be managed regardless of size so that the business will continue to flourish.  If there isn’t enough work to go around, workers have to be let go.  Now that isn’t to say that there isn’t a moral obligation to do severance packages and that sort of thing.  Its just part of business, the everyone else is to stay employed and the enterprise is to continue on its mission, it happens.

2. Again, similar to my objections to the liberal position, it does not engender individuals to be responsible and prepared for when stuff like this happens and as a result, when people aren’t prepared for the worst, it can lead to all kinds of negative things such as shock, depression, panic, blame, inaction, etc.  The fallout from mass layoffs coupled with the fact that the majority Americans don’t think like business men often exacerbates an already horrible problem.

3. It puts too much power into the hands of corporations to shape the direction of the country.  Yes, I said it corporations have too much of a hand in influencing elections, and so the voice of the people gets drowned out in the election of representatives and senators.  I’m not against political parties and interest groups, but it becomes a problem when we get drowned out.

4. Corporations tend to benefit too much from this approach given tax breaks, or in the case of GE paying nothing in taxes.  I would advocate simplifying the tax code so everyone corporation or individual paid taxes, just to make it fair.

5. The aforementioned benefit is at the expense of the people.  Corporations do collect taxes from the wages of income earners, but many times the larger ones can manipulate the system so they pay nothing, which isn’t good and isn’t fair, because it is pushing the tax burden down to those who don’t have as much as corporations do.

6. However, given the amount of people who expect and lay their hopes in non-divine beings, the corporations will have no short supply of people to take advantage of, pay the worth of the job rather than the worth of the person (which is commensurate with their level of skills and the level of the job on a companies scale.)

So really with that in mind, the Republican platform does the same amount of damage that Democratic one does, just in different ways, and it causes the same problems of an external locus of control for individuals rather than an internal one, similar to the Democratic point of view.

Which leads me to the joke that both parties are driving the country off a cliff but one is driving slower.

To conclude, I would definitely say, yes, in any election, its going to be the lesser of to evils.

Next time I will go into what the individual can do to affect their own out comes and hopefully address some of the issues that were brought up on Facebook, and if the next post doesn’t adequately address them, I will use those questions as fodder for the next post after the up coming one.

I will conclude with these discussion questions.

What benefit do you think would or would not be derived from the Republican platform?

How can can the tax code be made more fair to everyone concerned in our country?

What questions would you raise for this discussion?


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