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June 6, 2012 / Dale Melchin

A Recent Conversation with Dallon Christensen Part II

Democrats say “let government take care of you, and we will fix everything.”

This is the Democratic Party platform in a nutshell.  We know this is the case because of Barack Obama’s promises to fix healthcare, the economy as well as a litany of other issues.  We also know this is the case because this is the way that it has been since Roosevelt’s time something goes wrong, government will fix it.

There are four  primary problems with this position, and I will elaborate on them below.

  • The government is horribly inefficient.  The only thing the Federal Government does well is run the military, keep the roads in shape, and even those things are in question.  It takes forever to get anything done, and if you’ve had to take care of any business with the government (in my case the IRS) they are generally horrible to deal with if you are in a hurry.  We can see right now from the way the government is running education, that many of our schools are a failure.  The issue isn’t a lack of resources for schools, it is a lack of efficacy in doing what is most effective for the school systems.
  • Politicians cannot be trusted.  Politicians say what their constituents want to hear to get elected.  That is all.  I know I sound jaded, but it is true.  Elections are often times a choice between the lesser of two evils.  Government is made up of politicians, politicians cannot be trusted, which leads me to my next point.
  • Surrendering control of one’s economic opportunity is a horrible idea.  Government will promise jobs, and promise incentives for business and blah blah blah, and tax the rich.  But it never does anything good.  The reason being?  People are not shaping their own destinies and are relying on politicians to do it for them, or they are at least, relying on politicians to make it easier.  Every 2-4 years people get duped into believing the promises of their candidates of choice, and every 2-4 years we are disappointed.  The time has come that we stop relying on someone else to fix our own problems.  The problem is that we forget that “the Senate is the people.”  In other words we put them in power.
  • If you have a government powerful enough to give you everything, it is powerful enough to take everything away.  If you don’t have the resources to fix your own life, and you rely on a powerful government you immediately become powerless to change things for yourself.
  • The point is that we should not “rely” on anyone in a dependent fashion, we should instead do our best to be informed on both sides, make our best decision and put the best person into power, and better yet, learn to be a great communicator, build a platform and run for office yourself.  Obviously, you wouldn’t run for president when you are at the first level of political prowress, but you would run locally.
  • The point is on this side of the argument, YOU must do all YOU can do for yourself, you can’t rely on government to help you and if you do it puts you in chains!

I’m not going to go into huge detail, because I want to save up my fire for the final point when I get to it.  But needless to say, you can see that trusting government is a bad idea.  Tommorrow we will explore why trusting Corporate America is a horrible idea.


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