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June 4, 2012 / Dale Melchin

A Recent Conversation Part I

Dallon Christensen is one of my mentors, he is my career coach and in a lot of indirect ways he is also my life coach.  He helped me get through a lot of issues that I had been going through over the last year.  He was the teacher that appeared when the student was ready, even though I hadn’t realized it at the time.  He is a great man and coach you can meet him at, for more information about him and what he does.

What today’s blog post is about is a recent conversation I had with him, and as you noticed it is a multiparter, mostly because of the insights I gleaned from it.  The conversation came about while Dallon and I were prepping his deck for staining, which is currently a work in progress as of today.

During this time Dallon, and I had some interesting insights about the current political landscape.  I’ll be honest, I try to avoid talking about politics as much as possible because it can be so polarizing, but this time, I can’t resist it because so much what was said ties in with my area of psychology and personal accountability/responsibility.

The Observation

We got to talking about education and it lead to the discussion of particular Iowa candidates which inevitably lead to a discussion of the election.  We figured out that if you boil down each party’s platforms you get the following

Democrats say “let government take care of you, and we will fix everything.”

Republican’s say “the corporations will fix everything and we will take care of you.”

After some reflection, this raised a question in my mind that I voiced to Dallon, and he agreed with me on it.  “What about the responsibility of the People to fix themselves?”

Interesting huh?  The third alternative.  Now I realize this question is itself polarizing.  People don’t like responsibility/accountability, except for those who are successful.  In many one on one discussions this often leads to a spewing of learned helplessness that is espoused by many people, regardless of “class.”

My goal for the next 3 blogs (at least) is to explore why the primary elements of the Democratic position is disastrous, why elements of the Republican position is wrongheaded at best and maybe even disastrous if taken too far, and then in the final part we will explore why the 3rd Alternative, Personal accountability is the best and most viable option both from a political and psychological stand point.

Stay tuned!  Its about to get interesting!

Question:  Where do you stand on the political spectrum?   Where does personal responsibility play into your political perspective?

*Warning, I will be monitoring this blog very closely, so keep it friendly.  I don’t mind bantering, but if it starts to get unkind, or disrespectful I will use the delete button with extreme prejudice!  You have been warned!  I’m also turning off moderation until further notice, so you can comment without me policing the blog.


However going forward I reserve the right to delete comments that are snarky, offensive, or off-topic.


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