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May 22, 2012 / Dale Melchin

On Bullying

There is a very simple reason why bullying has become an epidemic in our country.

We are not instilling a sense of right and wrong into our children in such a way that they will become indignant and stand up to the bully and blacken his eye or break his nose.  We are also punishing those who do stand up for themselves by teling them that they are both wrong for being violent.

This is wrong and here is why.

Our Constitution says that we have the right to defend ourselves.

Every Ancient Tradition teaches us that we have the right to defend ourselves.  The Old Testament teaches us that we do legitimately have a right to defend ourselves from aggression on our property, and against national aggressors.  Christianity yes  teaches us to turn the other cheek, but that also has to be tempered with the Old Testament teaching I just propounded earlier.

All of the Eastern Traditions have Martial Arts that are tied to them.

History also tells us that you do not give a bully what the want, because they keep taking.  Instead you blacken their eye after they engage in initial aggression.  See World War II.

If we would start reinforcing a clear morality of right and wrong with our children, and limit punishments to aggressors, and simply investigate why the kid blackened the bullies eye, we would see the bullying epidemic die off in a year.

As far as I’m concerned their are only two reasons why the school system does not allow children to stand up for themselves.  1) It would be too much work to actually create a mini court system within their school to review instances of fighting. 2) The educational system is collaborating with the government to make each successive generation more passive and less proactive so as to think government is supreme there by voting the Federal Government more power when they come of age to vote… the result of our last election.

Both are horrible reasons.

I’m not going to just blame the school system either.  I’m also going to yell at parents a bit.

Discipline your children!  Build confidence in them!  Build a relationship with them!  Form their character!  Stop wasting your time keeping up with the Jones and actually be a family, stop yelling at your children and start teaching them.  Stop treating them like a damn inconvenience and take responsibility for them.  After all, you made the decision to have them, now you are responsible for properly raising them.

Proper parenting will ultimately end the bullying epidemic.


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