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May 18, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Endless Energy

If you want to have the a complete list about how to have a higher energy level. See this guy and do those things. However, I do have a few ideas to add to the discussion and I think Mr. Hyatt would agree with me.

You must have a vision for your life. Michael Hyatt says this so does Steven Covey in fact so does everyone in self help ever. You have to reach deep within yourself and figure out your authentic mission in life. For myself, I’m a restorative. However, others may have something else, they may be creators. One of the best ways to connect with the way you are wired is to utilize the Strengths Finder. After you find out your strengths, you need to find out how you are going to succeed in life. Give yourself the room to dream, outline what would need to be true, what you need to do to affect the outcome and why the current situation is unacceptable. You need to review your vision daily until it becomes part of you.

After you have this vision, you must reprogram yourself to be able to achieve that vision. Part of this comes from having incremental paradigm shifts. As an example, if you feel like work is the devil or your place of work is the devil, you aren’t going to do very well financially, because you will be fighting an attachment aversion relationship with your company or just the concept of work. You have to reprogram yourself to be able to embrace your jobs or your companies good points, or find an all together different company. If it is with work that you have a problem… you need to fix that as well.

One of the ways I have reprogrammed myself is to visualize myself being completely calm and friendly on the phone with the customer regardless how bad they are acting. This helps me to stay in control of my emotions and not resent my customer’s or my company. I honestly enjoy my job. My teammates think I’m fake, but I think before long they will see that I’m not, because I consistently come to work with a smile. I might lampoon my customer’s reactive attitude, but ultimately I care about them, the company and my team on a professional level.

Once you filter out the negative and you cultivate a character that is so positive nothing will stop you. And of course, like anything else you must attend to your character and your defenses so that way you will not fall into a trap of negativity. But like anything else, it may be a challenge, but it is worth it and worth the work!


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