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May 6, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Integrating Capitalism with the Common Good

In my previous post Social Responsibility begins with Individual Responsibility I belabored the point that yelling at people to be more socially responsible isn’t going to make them any more responsible and that the cultivation of virtue is the only way to go. I’m going to pursue a similar thread here.

With the recent upheavals in our country regarding the economy there are those from the Neo-Hippy movement that seem to think that the Capitalistic system is inherently evil and that the government needs to take even more of a role in the economy than it already does. They seem to think that a more socialistic model is going to be better for everyone including themselves. They see the excesses of the “Wall St. Bankers” and are angry that despite the collapse of the housing markets, they still made off like bandits, while some of us were left holding the bag.

If there was any wrong doing, it needs to be punished. I get you. Now stop screaming.


Now while I agree on some level with them about our social ills, I do not agree with the way they want to fix the issue. Killing Capitalism and giving the government more power is going to exacerbate the problem.

The reason for this is if the government does more to make things better, less responsibility and accountability is required from individuals an families for their own lives.  This is why we are in the mess we are in, people confuse rights with entitlement.  People also forget that with rights come responsibility.

The solution? Leave Capitalism alone and allow the people of this country to take more ownership of their own lives, their families and communities and the problems that they face. Proactivity and creativity will solve more problems than government intervention. Unmet needs are the only needs that motivate. Allow Churches, Temples, Synagogues, Mosques, etc to do their charitable jobs and do not interfere.

This touches very closely with another issue, public education.  If we are going to have a public education system, that public education needs to teach not just how to work and think, but how to be. I am advocating classes on spirituality and how to cultivate it, so that way people will be able to deal with their problems, and be more than just a bunch of worker bees.  I am for education of the heart, not just of the mind.

In addition to the spirituality classes, the public system also needs to start applying math and science to financial education early in the game.  This is where Classical Education will always win out over public schools.  Classical education starts off early with Latin and Logic, which enable us to reason and be free from ignorance.  The ability to use logic is directly proportionate to the ability to utilize Mathmatics.  The reason why have such a problem with Math and Science in our Country is that we are not how to free ourselves from the tyranny of our emotions.  However, that is another post.

Also restore punishments in the school system that actually has teeth. Stop letting the kids run things.  Yes, this includes corporal punishment.

If we have to have a social welfare program the resources need to be allocated to help only those people who need it the most. Not the able bodied who can find work.

In short, it’s not the system that needs fixed. It’s the people. Even in the best system there is going to be people who work the system. Whether it is socialism or Capitalism, the people are there either contributing to the solution or to the problem.

If we cultivate virtue in individuals’ early on both civic and spiritual virtue, the problems will work themselves out.


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