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May 2, 2012 / Dale Melchin

On Giving Vent to Emotions

Have you ever had one of those days where you’ve woken up extremely frustrated?  Nothing is going particularly wrong, but the day started off… well… off track.

I just had one of those mornings, and without going into details I will say that I vented to my wife and I feel 10 times better, and she was fine with listening to me and helped pull me out of the proverbial ditch.  I’m back to my positive self again.

You can be positive as well if you give vent to your emotions in the right way and express the concepts, but then after venting, focus on solutions.  For me,  I already know what I need to do to get the issues in my life resolved.  Part of it is getting up earlier so I am mentally prepared to tackle my day.  The other part of it is to execute on a couple of tasks that I have been procrastinating, as well as big contact that I need to make soon.  Once the pieces are in place I’ll be golden.

The truth is you can vent anywhere, but if you do, it will get you into trouble if it is the wrong person, because the world out there doesn’t care about your problems, it only cares about what you can do to support their causes.

If you are going to successfully give vent to your emotions 4 criteria must be met.

1. The person to whom you are venting must have a vested interest in your life and problems.

2. You must be in a high trust and safe relationship with this person (this would generally be your wife/husband or close personal friend.)

3. You must ultimately be open to feed back and read to focus on positive solutions after you have given vent to the issues.

4. Act on those solutions as soon as humanly possible.

That’s it.  This is an incredibly simple system that you can use to make your life better with regards to pent up emotions or frustrations.

P.S.  Sorry for the bad mechanics and run on sentences.  It was stream of consciousness and right before work.  I’ll make it better next time. 😀 Thanks!

Question: What has constructive venting made possible for you?  Leave your comment below!


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