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April 23, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Being Realistic

Is lame.

No, seriously.  Next person who tells me to be realistic is going to decked…..

Ok, that would probably, get me landed in jail or escorted from the building.  The most agitating thing about being realistic according to Michael Hyatt and Will Smith being realistic is the fastest shortcut to mediocrity.   That’s why we hate it so much.  Now you don’t want to be a megalomaniac and think you’re going to become a golf pro in two seconds just because you “think” you can, you have to have some level of common sense when it comes to goal setting as well, but that is different from being “realistic.”

A goal should stretch you and cause you to grow, but you should also eventually get to strategy and tactical logistics to get the goal accomplished, and it should have a deadline on it or else it is just a dream.

I prefer living in my high energy, optimistic, world.  It gets me through the day and it does help me see the unity of existence far better than a negative view of the world does.

Enjoy your day folks!


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