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April 22, 2012 / Dale Melchin

On Peace

Peace comes with the acquisition of new territory, and increases as we get different areas of life under control.

One of my biggest battles was and on a certain level is reacting negatively when being criticized. While I’ve learned that this may be the price to pay with regards to personal growth, and as a result have learned to control myself and not “defend” myself and stay at peace. I still tend to keep my own counsel.

The biggest chunk of peace a person gets is when they cut the ties that chain them to their past, and burn up old scripts and get in touch with their authentic selves.

Peace then begins to come in boat loads as you get control over your habits.

It’s not an instant thing, and it’s ongoing, but it’s a wonderful process.

It isn’t roses and puppies. But as we learn to respond properly to set backs we gain more peace, and eventually, we can do anything.



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