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April 21, 2012 / Dale Melchin

On War (Its not what you think)

Have you ever thought about the concept of war? For some of my readers this may hit a little too close to home, but for those of us who haven’t experienced it except for what is on TV, lets meditate on this for a moment.

Two hostile forces both represent different ideologies or countries whatever meeting in battle. The winner gets to decide the fate of the world, or at least of that battle, and possible the rest of the war depending on the strategic value of the contested area.

This is the picture I get when I think about permanent life change. It is a pitched battle of the enlightened self of organization and new habits against the darkened self of short-term gratification and old habits. Or to put it in a decidedly spiritual fashion… it is our war against sin. (Non-Christians, please keep it down, I’m trying to make the point, just transcend the cosmology and you’ll get it.)

This is the attitude we need to take in our approach to life change. It’s not always a pitched battle against the self though. Sometimes, its tactical warfare, sometimes, its strategic meal skipping, sometimes it’s letting yourself run out of cookies, sometimes its just tracking how often you do something to make a habit. It is still warfare and it has an effect. The old habits are eventually defeated and pacification of the “occupied territory” begins and we move on to new levels of growth.

This is the attitude we take toward our old tendencies, not to others, unless they are part of an accountability group, but then we act like fellow soldiers.

The enemy is not out there… it is within.


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