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April 13, 2012 / Dale Melchin

The System is Against You…Until you wake up… Then, you can make it work for you

Piggy backing off of the Neo illustration in the last post, when a person wakes up in certain areas of their life, they begin to realize that the entire world is a system.  It is a system that will either crush you if you don’t know how to deal with it, or it can be your oyster.  Where do all the changes happen?

In the mind.

In the Matrix, Neo wasn’t better because he was physically stronger than the machines.  He had a Prime Program inside of his mind that gave him the abilities to do the crazy stuff that he did.  In other words he had an enlightened (so to speak) mind.

Fortunately for us our changes aren’t instantaneous in all cases as they were with Neo.  We have to work at it become enlightened.  This process is somewhat metaphysical because we have to cultivate both sides of our brain in order to change our habits.

I’m not going to lie.  Transformation is tough work, but the process is worth it.

Once a person begins to see things differently the whole world opens up to them.  The way the see their spouse, or their money or their circumstances or even their own life, when things change up here (points to head) and they get down here (points to chest) and you start doing things differently, the world relates to you differently.

But it has to be change in alignment that will get you further down the path.  I’ve gone the other way as well.  I used to love being around people, until I allowed them to define my worth and one night I exploded.  I cannot tell you how far back I was set because I couldn’t handle relationships with other people.  It was ultimately though a problem with how I saw myself.  Its easy to destroy something, but challenging to build.

But once you see and understand things including yourself, life gets easier because you are in charge of you, not others, or circumstances and you gain the ability to make good things happen, and make the system work for you.

And learn to fly. 😉


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