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April 1, 2012 / Dale Melchin

A New Direction For this Blog


I know I’ve only been with you guys for a short time.  I new I should’ve waited to launch this blog… but I was just so sure that my crisis of faith would resolve itself, but it hasn’t.  So I have a confession.

I no longer believe that we can pull ourselves up by the boot straps. Nope, we have to have other people take care of us because, well each of us is incapable of making our own decisions or developing our own skills.  In fact I believe that we as American Citizens have the right to get at least $40,000 a year from the government just for breathing.  Tax the rich and successful, punish them! They have enough to spare and give it to all of us who make less than $200,000 a year.  This is America, if we breathe the air here, we have a right to the riches of the land regardless of whether or not we’ve earned it.

I’m voting for Obama next year as well. He’s proved to be such a good president with the Universal Health Care Law that I think we should have him as a president again.  In fact, I’m going to start a petition saying that we should amend the Constitution to make him President for Life because he’s done such a good job.  You know what, to hell with the Constitution.  Let just make him President for life and DEIFY him so that way we will have to offer sacrifices to him.  We’ll impose the New State Religion on other religions so they’ll have to submit or they won’t get any of the benefits we as American’s deserve because we breathe here and take up space!

Also I think we should increase benefits to single moms who have children out of wedlock so we can create a block of voters who will keep our new right secure.  We’ll vote for the right people ever time.

Also, in addition to punishing the rich, we should downsize the military to fund these new social programs.  Hell, lets just get rid of the military and sign our sovereignty over to the UN, they’ll take good care of us, I’m sure!



Seriously, I need to take a shower after writing that.  This is obviously so ridiculous that I don’t believe any of it.

In closing:

Pull your self up by your bootstraps.  Create your own destiny.  Down size government and up size liberty!


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  1. Dale Melchin / Apr 1 2012 8:27 pm

    Just so everyone is clear… this was a joke post for April Fools. After today, it will be business as usual again.

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