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March 28, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Of Creating Systems (Part 2)

This is part two of my first post on systems.  I grant that it was little metaphysical and “woo woo” here is the practical application with some of my own practices that may give you some ideas for how to systematize your life.

If you read my about page you will find out that I am a Fixer/Restorer.  This implies rebuilding, but some times in rebuilding, you have to completely demolish the old and erect something new.

I have found that I can create success in my life by building systems.  These aren’t necessarily computer programs, these are routines that are put into place for handling a particular part of life.  For instance a household financial system.

  1. Budget and adjust for 3 months to get the hang of the concept
  2. Create an annual budget based on ones salary and known HH operating expenses
  3. Break said budget down in monthly budgets utilizing a pre-fab cash flow chart
  4. Every day before work check online statements and check book balances.
  5. Any spend that is done during the day is documented in a journal to be placed in the register (assuming you are still on a paper and pen system)
  6. Write expenses in ledger at the end of the day without fail.
  7. Check spend against metrics in the budget and reallocate as needed
  8. Meet with spouse and/or self every pay period to manage where the monies are going that week and commit to that plan
  9. Check online balances nightly to ensure accuracy with register and correct discrepancies
  10. Make adjustments in the budget as needed
  11. Repeat step 2 every year
  12. Repeat steps 3 every month
  13. repeat steps 4-11 daily for 365 days

There, I have just told you about one of my most vital systems in running the Melchin Empire.  It is easy and repeatable and can be adjusted based on any financial situation.  It is derived from my experience in a business class and from studying Dave Ramsey.  It is a system that must be worked, but once the habits are in place it is a system that will work.

You can create a step by step system to govern anything in your life.  Incoming mail, dishes, trash, car cleaning, whatever.  The truth is we all use systems that seem to work for us whether we realize it or not.  Systems are related to habits, which can also be made or broke as well.

If you are going to succeed.  You must organize yourself.  Success does not happen in a vacuum.  It happens with intentions that are acted out.


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