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March 26, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Of Creating Systems (Part 1)

“…you are the programmer, now run the program.”  Stephen Covey

“…in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…now the earth was void and formless…”  Genesis 1(very paraphrased)

According to the Abrahamic Traditions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) creation was formless and chaotic.  I realize that the chaos theory doesn’t sit well with many adherents to those traditions, but just hear me out.

God took that formlessness and created the Universe as we now see it.  Naturally it is an ordered system that God appointed man as stewards of to create even more order from it and so we have.  The City is a prime example of man civilizing his environment, however, the traditions tell us that we are not only called to “civilize” our environment, but our internal worlds as well.

The concept of fallenness is not lost on other world traditions.  The Eastern Traditions says that man is born into a state of suffering, and that the only way to solve it is to order our internal worlds through meditation, prayer, and action.

The individual person is a microcosm of the chaotic pre-creation.  We are full of emotions, ideas, concepts, yearnings and such that cause many mental and physical disorders in us.  Granted they may be mitigated or aggravated depending on conditioning, or on how well versed we are in the methods of ancient traditions.

Now, the Abrahamic Traditions say that God made man in His Image and Likeness.  The Likeness of God is lost on us, because of Adam’s fall but not the Image.  As a result, there is hope for us.  Having the Image of God in us means that we can recover the Likeness.

How do we recover that Likeness?  Through prayer, meditation, basically training ourselves to become like God, through these actions we slowly and methodically increases our personal power and creates order in our minds, which flows from us into our external environments through our actions.

Once the mind is properly ordered and we begin to get in touch with our true selves, we can create systems in your external environment that help us achieve success.  Some of those systems are internal (habits) and some of them are external (actions we take that flow from our habits.)  The more we exercise those habits the more success becomes intuitive rather than something we have to struggle with because it is a part of who we are.

The Power to do always lies within… never without.


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