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March 20, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Interdependence On the Dependence-Interdependence Continuum Part 4

Independent people are truly wonderful people!  But there are people who are even further up the existential food chain than independents.  They are the Interdependents!

Independence is prerequisite!

Again, according to Dr. Covey in his book the 7 Habits, you must have achieved a high level of independence before you start reaching for the glorious fruit of interdependence.  Dependent people don’t own enough of themselves to do it.  Here are 3 Traits that are a minimum in order to be considered interdependent.

  1.  You must have soft skills, genuinely care for other humans and have the courage to stand by our convictions, and allow others the space to stand by theirs, but at the same time you don’t back off yours.
  2. You must be willing to part ways if Win-Win isn’t achieved
  3. In family situations, you must learn to compromise if true Win-Win isn’t achieved.

I think the traits pretty much speak for themselves.  Now we need to think about action… How is it done!?  Stay tuned!


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