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March 14, 2012 / Dale Melchin

The Dependence-Interdependence Continuum Part 1

Have you ever wondered why some you succeed and others may fail at what you feel is the relatively simple task of living life?  Or have you wondered why others are so much more successful than you are and you are living a life with mediocre or even less than mediocre results. There are a number of factors but the central factor is one’s level of proactivity, alignment with correct principles and where that proactivity rates on the Dependence to Interdependence Continuum.

In his prolific book Seven Habits of Highly effective people. Dr. Covey says that we are at various levels of this continuum in various areas of life.  We are either dependent, independent, or interdependent.

Dependent people have a tendency to have a victimhood mentality, rely on others to take care of them and are generally negative people and are irresponsible people who cannot think for themselves and are generally horrible producers.

Independent people are highly proactive, highly self-confident, and highly responsible and are good individual producers, but have a hard time working with others because of poor relationships skills or its possible they see no need to be interdependent because of their own abilities..

Interdependent people are highly independent and value themselves but they also recognize the value that other people can bring to the table and work within their circle of influence to create awesome results with people in a different skill or mindset.

Covey’s book gives several tools for evaluating where you are on the continuum.  If you haven’t read it, READ IT and implement it!  Its still just as relevant as when it was written in the 80’s.

How do we move up the continuum you might ask?  Well, that is the point of this entire blog and of this series.  So stay tuned!



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