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March 13, 2012 / Dale Melchin

The Driving Forces of Humanity

After reading the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and integrating that with my overall observations about humanity I had come to the conclusion that there are two driving forces to humanity.  The first is The Human Spirit.  The Second is The System of Human Conditioning.

Briefly, the Human Spirit is that power the lies within us.  It is the desire to be do, become, develop, change and grow, the drive for human success.  It is the true self.  It is the primordial self what the Tao calls the True Face of the Unborn Self.

The System of Human Conditioning is the external world that we relate to on a daily basis that can influence us for good or for ill depending upon how in touch with are with our True Self.

Individuals who are “conditioned” and are out of touch with there authentic selves and do what the system tells us to regardless of what our authentic self wants.  People in this condition are like animals who react to anything and everything and they are being lived.  This people are also like Darth Vader, encased in an artificial armor and are out whack with life.

The solution to this problem is to forsake the false self, and embrace who you really are.  You do this through reading, meditation, and re-scripting, over time your point of view will shift and you’ll realize things about yourself that you never knew or realized, and you will ultimately defeat the false self.

Now, I used to cut people slack in holding them to extreme responsibility for their lives because they’ve experienced generations of negative conditioning.  I had a lot of compassion for them.  These are the able bodied people who are generally dependent on others and institutions and who produce nothing for themselves.

I don’t do this anymore.  People even in a “conditioned” state have the power within themselves to break with their old habits.  The reason why they don’t is because our society has too much compassion and enables this behavior through welfare programs at the Federal and State levels.  It is a waste of resources to subsidize this bad behavior.  Everyone who has a brain and a working body can fix there own lives with the resources they have and grow them out.

The only, ONLY people who even DESERVE to be subsidized are the people who are broken in mind or body.  These would be those who are mentally or physically handicapped to the point where they cannot do for themselves, and never for those who can do for themselves.

I understand that we need each other, but we all need to be functioning and working in order to for this community thing to work, otherwise, system crashes and worse than it already is crashing.

The only way the human community will become a place that is truly utopian is if everyone begins to take responsibility for themselves and for their family.  That individual responsibility will create waves that overlap each other to where we will naturally serve each other.  That is what is truly exciting about the human spirit.  We can still truly achieve great things.


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