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March 12, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Happiness is Truly a Decision

I know… cliché right?  But it’s true.  Or is it?  Here is what I mean.

For the person who is ruled by their emotions this is a problem.  They have chosen so many times in the past to be unhappy for this or that reason because they have chosen a center that changes with their constantly changing moods.  The slightest thing sets them off.  It may not even be explosive or drastic.  But it is there, the monster of determinism holds them captive.  They can still choose to be happy regardless of circumstances.  However, because they don’t have enough sustained investment in the work of self-transformation and the old habits catch up and they are running the same track that they previously were on.

Now, when this happens, the individual does one of two things.  More than likely, they will give up and say “that doesn’t work.”  Or they will get up off the ground, dust off.   Analyze what happened develop a plan to work around it and then get going again.

Only when an individual has invested the sustained effort through proactivity, prayer or meditation, visualization and community will the individual begin to make real progress toward life’s goals.  If you make many sustained choices to be happy, eventually, you will be happy all the time.  If you make many sustained choices to act rather than to react or be acted upon, you will become a man or woman of action.  It is that simple, however difficult it may be.


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