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March 10, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Lessons in Financial Proactivity

Always Budget, no matter how much or little you make.

Always look for the best value.

Always be insured with a quality insurance company.

Always pay yourself first, regardless of how difficult it may seem to do so.  Even if it is only $10 a week and the rest is operational expenses.


Give what you are able to a worthy cause

Avoid consistent frivolous spending.

Take accounting I and II as well as Finance I even if you are not going to become an accountant professionally.  It will save you thousands of dollars long term.

Learn to sell, communicate, and interact well with people, it will bring you thousands of dollars long term.

Get a mentor to coach you in career and in life

Be a mentor and coach another in career and in life it will help ingrain the ideas that you are aspiring towards.

Review Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily

Budget along those same lines as well

There is always something you can cut, go without, or not spend.

Fund necessities, neglect wants, unless they are budgeted.

And if you fail to do all of these things you’re hurting yourself and the rest of the world.  Social responsibility begins with Individual Responsibility!




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