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March 7, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Trans-traditional Thoughts and your reaction!

I am often questioned about whether or not I actually believe in the self-determinist point of view.  This does not generally happen in a philosophical, professorial fashion, but rather in a snarky and unintelligent fashion that belittles both myself and the snarker.  Its like they are saying: “My life is so screwed up how can it possibly be my fault?  Thousands of years of teaching on the matter from various traditions is also wrong too, if my life is going to get better its going to take external circumstances changing to do it.”  The snarker implies.

Well, I call bollocks on that.  Regardless of all of the cosmology in the various traditions that have been around for 6,000 plus years, they all teach one truth that is central to human existence.  That is man is to be the master of his own fate. (I apologize in advance for those of you who are offended that I would dare juxtapose your tradition against another…. LIVE WITH IT!)

Judaism: God leads the people out of bondage in Egypt to facilitate their actualization as the Chosen People in the Promised Land.  God cuts the path, the people fight the war.

Christianity: God becomes man to overcome the problems that man can’t namely the curse of the Law, Death, and the Devil.  Christ set the scales back to zero so we can solve our problems ourselves with His power on our side through the Holy Spirit.

Hinduism: The Divine is within us, we need only realize it, take ownership and actualize it in our lives.

Taoism: Do not struggle against circumstance, instead align yourself with the Tao, reduce your desires and achieve enlightenment.

Buddhism: The existence of the Divine is irrelevant to ending your own suffering, through meditation and detachtment we achieve salvation.

Modern self determinism: To your own self be true.  Be proactive, change your character, and make good things happen.

And so on.


Meaning, that we are responsible to change and align our own lives through blood, sweat, and toil.  If you want success, you must change yourself in order to achieve it.  If you aren’t willing to do the leg work align your life with correct principles then shut up and suffer in silence.  You make it too damn noisy for those of us who are trying to actually do our work!


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