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March 2, 2012 / Dale Melchin

About Yesterday’s Status Update

Alright, I thought it over, and I realize yesterday’s status update was a little over the top.  But before you get your hopes up that I’m going to become a Socialist, read the words that I am typing onto the screen.

Yesterday’s original status update applied only to those that it mentioned.  College grads who decide to live at home with parents and no one else.  I was not bashing the impoverished of our nation, or people who live in the inner city or people with learning disabilities or anything like that.  I wasn’t even bashing my esteemed fellow college grad.  I was ribbing them and here is why.


Now before you start throwing all of your damn statistics at me about how others should be doing this or that stop.

That attitude that someone owes me something has gotten ridiculous, and acting it out is even worse.  During the conversation I had the other day about this status up someone told me that the cost of going to college at Berkely had gone up 2000% since 1970’s  To me, that’s not surprising.  Why?  It is because of two market concepts called inflation and supply and demand.  Both of these are simple concepts.

Inflation is why the cost of things go up over time and why everyone else in the market raise prices regardless of the value of the currency.

Supply and demand has to do with the relative value of a commodity in the market place based on how much is in the market and how many people want it.

These are two impersonal forces in the market that happen based on the aggregate activities of people in the market place.  In other words:  Berkely costs so damn much because people wanna go there and everything has inflated since the 70’s.  Of course the price is going to go up.  Go to a different school!  In other words you have options and the U.S. Government doesn’t owe you a Cadillac education when a Chevy education will do.

Which brings me to my next point: the market value of a college education is overrated in this country.  According to one of my friends who got all bent out of shape yesterday there is a surplus of college grads and a shortage of jobs that require a college education.  Now, I haven’t researched this statistic and I really do find it difficult to believe, but let’s just say this is the case.  If all the college grads are being pigeonholed into burger flipping or table waiting or whatever, what do you think the best course of action is?  Getting busy finding a job and/or creating an opportunity?  Or standing around in the middle of Wall Street or Leclaire Park protesting trying to protest the government into giving you a freebie?

Regardless of what you answered the correct answer is finding a job or creating an opportunity.  Yelling and hollering is not an efficient way to get what you want.  According to Michael Hyatt, the most efficient way to accomplish anything is find your vision, make it compelling to yourself and those who are affected by it and then get after it.  You’ll find that when you focus on the vision and on massive or incremental action, you’ll achieve your goal much faster than you thought you would.  Most of the time, people don’t even have a vision and as a result they focus on survival and get nowhere except for survival.

Now on the issue of how hard you are working.

I believe that most everyone out there who gets up and goes to work on a daily basis believes they work hard.  However, it is not the amount of work that you do that will determine your value, but the quantity and the market value.  If you are able to solve a company’s or a bunch of people’s problems through a product or service, then you will be rich, because problems = opportunities.   If there are a lot of people out there who do the same thing that you do, expect a mediocre wage.  If you can find a way to do something 10% better you’ll create a market for yourself.

Now what is the solution?  Selling!  If you can market yourself as someone who is more competent and capable of solving problems when you are applying for a position with the company you can get the position you want. If you want more information about what I am talking about I am suggesting you pick up 48 Days Till the Work you Love by Dan Miller.  Read the book and do what he suggests.  Getting a job is a sales process and you have to really work that process if you are going to get the position you want.

The rest of the comments I’m not going to bother with because either I addressed them last night or they got into America bashing and all of the comments after that became irrelevant.


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