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February 27, 2012 / Dale Melchin

Complaining is Bad for everyone.

I could really just start and finish my post with this, but those of you who know me know that I won’t.  😀

Recently I posted a status on Facebook that produced some degree of controversy.  Those of you who commented, I’m sure are delighted to see me expound upon this thought.  Well, continue in your delight, because exposition is on its way.

The Status said, and I quote:

“I’ll probably write a blog/note about this later.  People need to stop complaining about job, circumstances, life situations.  If you don’t like something, change it!  Will it be a pain?  Maybe.  The pain of change is the cost of doing business with life!”

Now this triggered a slew of controversy and hilarity toward the lower end of the comments, but I digress.

Seriously, though.  Stop complaining and get to work.  The words we say both aloud and subconsciously are very powerful.  They can either chain us to our problems or they can be truly liberating.  If a person says “What’s wrong with me?”  Immediately the subconscious begins to produce answers that back up that premise.  Conversely, if you ask a more positive question such as “what can I learn from this?” or “what does this make possible?” (Thank you, Michael Hyatt!) It will produce a completely different set of answers, and they’ll be more productive ones.

My point is, no one and I mean no one, who has good health, and a working brain and who lives in America has a right to complain about ANYTHING EVER.  In other countries it is highly competitive.

The problem with most people is that they want to blame circumstances or God, or parents, or genetics, chance or the stars for their problems.  If something outside of your control is to “blame” for your problems, what good does it do blaming those external circumstances day after day?  Not one bit of good.  You might even ask, this guy is doing the thing that he is bewailing.  That’s because I know I can’t change you.  But I know you can choose to change if you really desired it.

The better thing to do is to go deep within yourself and change the way you view the world.  If you view the world as a mean, hostile and random place, and you feel as though you have no control over your life, then the world will be that way to you.  If you shift your paradigm, and are vigilant about shifting those paradigms in a positive direction slowly incrementally and with increasing speeds, your life will begin to change, and you will learn that you really do have more control over your life than you thought you did.

The moral of the story?  Stop complaining and get back to work making a difference in your own life!


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